Monday, June 17, 2013

My kids. Love them!

I decided that I should try documenting some of the new things each of my kids are doing now. Its been a while since I have done that so I figured I should do that now!

Dale Anthony Hennen age 6 1/2

Dale just finished Kindergarten this year, he did better than I ever could've imagined! He learned to read so fast and was at the top of his with his reading. He is doing great a keeping up with his learning this summer, he is always reading, writing and quizzing me in math! He is the sweetest most tender hearted boy you will ever meet. He would never want to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose! He still refuses to take his training wheels off his bike even though they are doing no good since he has worn them down to nothing! We are going to try and remedy that this week. He is getting excited to learn Chinese this coming school year even though he knows it will be a challenge! He also has decided to take  a hip hop dance class this summer at Charisma Dance studio where Makaelynn dances and is loving it!! I love this boy so much and am grateful he picked John and I to be his parents and I hope we can help him accomplish his potential!!

Makaelynn Lindsay Hennen age 5

Makaelynn just finished her second year of preshool and LOVED it! She loved all her teachers! They helped her keep her attention on tasks she needed to do which has certainly helped with her jobs at home! She is so looking forward to going to Kindergarten in the fall!! She loves playing with Dale and especially loves playing with Alexis! She is getting excited for sweet baby Addisyn to bless our family this fall! She has been trying to keep up on writing and spelling and makes sure she quizzes me everyday!! She begs to go to the splash pad or Seven Peaks everyday. I have yet to venture out with all the kids by myself to peaks which has made both Dale an her very mad! She has continued to dance at Charisma Dance Studio and is actually doing the Princess camp and a Jazz class. She amazes me how well she can point her toes and how well she balances. She makes me very proud! I love her so much even though she challenges me everyday and even though there has been a lot of tears shed by both of us. I couldn't imagine my life without her and I am glad she picked John and I to be her parents! I hope we can help her to accomplish her potential and realize she is a beautiful Daughter of God and so special!

Alexis Louise Hennen age 2

Alexis just had her 2nd birthday. She is currently obsessed with Minnie Mouse! She loves anything that has to do with Minnie. She has to have one of her Minnie's with her at all times! We just took away her binky which was a hard and sad thing for all!! She has done awesome though and now goes down with little fussing! Next we are going to either potty train or transition her to a big bed. We have decided to move both Makaelynn and Alexis down to the big room downstairs that we have been using for our tv room. That way the baby will not keep either of them up when she comes. They have picked to do a Minnie pink with glitter and polka dot walls. They are getting excited and we will hopefully have it done by the end of the summer! Alexis is so sweet and spunky at the same time. She has her Daddy and Brother wrapped around her finger and can get them to do whatever she wants! I am so grateful for her nightly snuggles and her constant need to be by my side all day even though it is hard to get anything done! She has blessed our lives so much and I am grateful she picked John and I to be her parents and we hope we help her accomplish her potential. And hope she will know she is a beautiful Daughter of God and so speical!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Makaelynn's Dance recital

Makaelynn has been taking dance classes at Charisma Dance studios in Springville. She has loved her class and her teacher! She has learned so much and we are so proud of her! They did two dances at her last recital- "If you wish upon a star" and "Mickey". They were so cute!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE how she points her toes!!

Dale's Kindergarten Graduation

 Singing in his program

 He picked a bear for the Zoo song

 There was tears, he is gonna miss his friends and his amazing teacher!
 Mrs. Thomas and Dale
 Dale and Harper, such great friends!
Dale and I, Love him!

Dale graduated from Kindergarten on May 17th, its crazy to think he will be in 1st grade next year and be gone all day! I am such a proud Mama! He has grown so much this past year! He has learned to read, write, math and how to be much more confident! He had the BEST teacher, Mrs. Thomas challenges all her kids and pushes them to do their best! We are gonna miss her and hope Makaelynn gets her next year!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Journey to #4

For the last 2 years John has been telling me that he felt that we were done having kids. I have always felt like we had 1 more but I wasn't going to force him to have another one! One morning 3.5 months ago he woke up and came to me and told me we needed to have another baby and couldn't wait we need to start trying now. I have never felt so excited in my life I had been praying for him to change his mind for months, I just knew we had another one. It had taken us a long time to get pregnant with Alexis so we figured it would be a while but it didn't! I have been so sick I didn't get sick with the other ones like I have with this one luckily Dr. Nance prescribed me some Zofran so I could somewhat function as a human! He also put me on light duty already because I have been having alot of pain and my blood pressure has been high. But we couldn't be more EXCITED to have this little one come this fall!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Alexis' 1 year pictures

My sister bought a new camera so I had her take some pictures of Lexi a couple Sunday's ago. She was so cute but didn't last very long!!

She is so FUN!!! She talks so much now, she FINALLY has a tooth she is 14 months and only has 1 tooth!! She LOVES her Daddy, she cannot get enough of him!! I love it, it is so sweet!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

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